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وزير التعليم: ما نعرفش خيار ولا فاقوس.. والامتحانات كلها هتبقى Open Book

وزير التعليم: ما نعرفش خيار ولا فاقوس.. والامتحانات كلها هتبقى Open Book

 قال الدكتور طارق شوقى، وزير التربية والتعليم والتعليم الفنى، إن النظام التعليمى الجديد يتضمن تخريج طلاب المرحلة الابتدائية وفى جعبتهم لغتين إجباريتين، الأولى العربية والثانية لغة أجنبية، بجودة 100%".

وأضاف وزير التعليم، فى كلمته خلال جلسة "تأثير التكنولوجيا على التعليم"، ضمن فعاليات منتدى شباب العالم، الذى تستضيفه شرم الشيخ بين 4 و10 نوفمبر تحت رعاية الرئيس عبد الفتاح السيسى، أنه سيتم تجميع العلوم فى مشروع يتضمن كل المواد العلمية، يتمكن من خلاله الطالب من معرفة الكيمياء وغيرها من العلوم من خلال "الحواديت"، متابعا: "هنعلّمهم يختاروا الفنون بفكر تانى خالص، أساسه بناء الشخصية، والمرحلة الثانوية سيكون بها ثراء علمى".

وأكد الدكتور طارق شوقى فى كلمته، أن النظام الجديد مرتبط بالتكنولوجيا، متابعا: "نسابق الزمن لتطبيق النظام الجديد، وسنطور التعليم الثانوى المصرى، وسيبدأ تنفيذ هذا النظام فى سبتمبر المقبل، نحن نسعى لتقليل الخسارة بقدر الإمكان، ومش عاوزين الطلبة تجيب مجموع، لكن عايزين نساعدهم على التعليم، وسنُقيّم مستواهم على ثلاث سنوات، وسنستخدم التكنولوجيا، وكل طالب فى مصر سيستخدم تابلت 4G، بشراكة مع شركات الاتصالات، ومفيش ورقة هتدخل الامتحانات، ومفيش تظلمات تانى عشان النظام الجديد فى التصحيح لا يعرف خيار ولا فاقوس".

وأوضح وزير التربية والتعليم، أن النظام الإلكترونى جاهز، وسيتم تسليم طلاب أولى ثانوى "التابلت" خلال الفترة المقبلة، مشيرا إلى أنه جارٍ تصنيع التابلت فى مصانع مصرية، إضافة إلى العمل على توفير مراكز صيانة فى كل المحافظات، والامتحانات كلها هتبقىOpen Book .

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Monitoring Your Preferred Sites With RSS

RSS for can be in contrast to a hyperlinks selection. Viewers may collect as many supply URLs as they want by signing up for this service, when available on a given web or blogsite. The signing up does not include any signing up, hence the visitor does not need to provide a name or current e-mail deal with, although some aware services may additionally ask for them.

Once someone media a signing up key, weblink or visual, the supply URL is exposed. You can begin monitoring RSS resources by making a pc short cut to an URL, including such deal with to your favorites, or duplicate and sticking this URL into an RSS aggregator adder. This last choice is the most recommendable

Aggregators can recover for instantly so you have to get into the details once, and stay advised as long as you want. Signing up or unsubscribing to RSS for is so easy as including or removing the URL that provides the up-dates. Moreover, aggregators allow the development of categories to easily monitor up-dates by categories or details type.

People who already have a favorites selection should spend a while viewing all those sites to discover if there is a RSS supply signing up available, and therefore begin to build a for list. This way, instead of viewing the web page regularly to discover up-dates, such up-dates are recovered instantly by the aggregator.

Consider RSS monitoring as the printed paper you get every day. You do not need to journey overseas to learn what is going on another nation. Same way, RSS for keep you advised whenever that new material is included to your preferred sites, or an statement or unique encourage is showed.

With so many sites and so many material on the Internet, RSS for are the answer to look through plenty of sites, weblogs and details resources, without need to point your internet browser to any web page. Normally, recover for is not only practical but helps you to save time that you can use to check out only the sites that have what you are looking for.

Even though, keep in mind that RSS aggregators shop for consistently, hence is necessary remove items mature than a week, exclusively when the details is unrelated. Otherwise, make a unique classification to shop important up-dates that you do not want to lose regardless their timestamp.

To discover RSS aggregators, do an online investigation. This software is often available for free and ready to obtain and begin using for your monitoring requirements.

Distribute Your RSS Supply From Your Weblog to Your Group

Really great weblogs have the best material, the best material, the best solutions to the concerns that we're all looking for, so what's losing from your blog's life? We, the readers! Instead of attaining your response in a rush and operating along with our life we are swooned into a market online marketer's website, fascinated and taken hostage, disappointed, we keep our look for and never come to your amazing weblog.

The After Bed time Blog material on internet promotion amounts it up really well. Blog writers are getting defeat up fairly poorly by market promoters, and we're all losing out. It's time to adjust that.

Take Actions Now to Enhance Your Blog Position and Help Your Visitors Find You

Work on your publish headings, consist of the particular look for phrases that best explain the material in a appealing title
Repeat those look for phrases in some strong written text and in a few locations in the body building without taking away from the excellent of the article
Mention a other blogger's material that you regard, weblink to it, and get the called ping returning / monitor returning URLs to your weblog post
Digg your own articles
Pick a few boards with high pagerank, installation a awesome information with hyperlinks to your weblog and publish in those forums
Syndicate your blog's RSS feed
And a million other things, the brief of it though is just don't quit at composing the material. Propagate the phrase, discuss your material on other websites, individuals, weblink websites so that other websites are connecting in.

Syndicate Your RSS Feed

Your weblog foundation likely already consists an RSS Supply of all your websites instantly. That nourish URL is involved for you in the headlines of your weblog, even if you didn't recognize it was there, look for it. You can make a plan to put that RSS Supply to perform for you, there are many websites out there that take RSS Supply syndication, combination your nourish with other for and help you to spread your material.

Readers will see your nourish on other websites, study your headings and summaries and then click on through to your weblog. So not only are you getting the phrase out there, getting some good SEO advantage, you're also getting actual readers to your weblog, and you're using a device offered by your weblog foundation for free, that you already have. You just have to put it to activity.

Take activity, be a part of weblog categories, give them your for. Together we will convert the trend on the market professional and get our readers back!

How to Show RSS For on Your Web page - Adhere to These Steps

RSS appears for "Really Simple Syndication". It's used to post frequently modified material to a audience which can be web, pc or even mobile-device based. It's a great way to add material to your web page because it will upgrade at durations that you select, keeping your websites material present and more appropriate to your viewers.

RSS for contain information experiences, weblogs, video clips and even webpage's. More than likely you've seen these for while searching the web. Have you ever observed the lemon symbols that appear in certain webpages, those indicate that the site or material on that web page is an RSS supply.

It's simple to discover for, basically kind in the kind of supply you are looking for into your preferred look for engine optimization and consist of "RSS" in your look for. For example, say you are looking for cars; look for for vehicles +RSS supply. Maybe you like gardening; try farming +RSS supply. Most significant information websites have for as do google.

When you discover a web page that has the RSS supply you want you'll need to duplicate the weblink. Look for the lemon symbol then right click either the lemon symbol or the headline next to it; from the pop-up selection select "copy weblink location" and insert into a papers for later. The weblink will usually consist of the terms "RSS" or "feed" to recognize it as a supply. Some times the weblink will contain extra value when dealing the weblink in this method, basically eliminate everything after the rss/ or feed/.

Know that you have a supply that you are looking for it's a chance to get it on your web page. You could add a supply to your web page by coming into XML value but it's far faster and easier to go to a web page that does this for you. Remember the point of including the RSS supply is to add present material to your web page not to spend a while learning XML value.

There are many websites that can add a supply to your web page, basically look for for "adding RSS supply to website" and you will get quite a large list.

When you decide on a web page you will need to sign-up with them; most websites are no cost or offer a certain amount of RSS for for no cost.

Some websites give you the choice to select the structure of the supply such as HTML, Display, and PDF.

You will have the choice to narrow the for, enabling you to get the actual material that you are looking for.

Once you have finished your choices you will be given some value to insert into your web page. The whole process should only take about 10-15 minutes. Your web page will get ongoing and present information on a regular foundation to interact with your viewers.

RSS for Visitors Creation and Developing Opportunity

Many people have heard of and use RSS for increasing visitor count but what is it and what does RSS actually mean.

RSS is an acronym for "Really Simple Syndication" it was initially called RDF web page conclusion which was also known as RSS 0.9; the first edition of RSS. This was followed by the model Rich Site Summary also known as RSS 0.91.

RSS resources consult a group of data file types that discuss statements and other web material, this may be 1 or 2 lines of an content or a short conclusion. These types weblink to the full edition of the content or publish as well as multi-media data files. All of this data is provided in the form of an XML data file (XML means Extensible Markup Language) which is more generally known as.

• RSS Supply 
• Web Supply 
• RSS Circulation 
• RSS Channel

They appear on many web pages as an lemon rectangular shape with either RSS or XML written inside. These for can be used to provide any kind of details. Here are some illustrations.

• An industry specified nourish, used by specialized experts to promote, enhance and connect with customers and prospective customers within their selected field. 
• Planned for, used by huge organizations, groups and educational institutions to declare changes in routine, approaching activities etc. 
• Lower price or provides nourish, used by huge suppliers to keep customers informed of the newest offers and provides. 
• Community for, used to keep forum members modified with all the newest content and conversation subjects. 
• Information monitoring nourish, this allows the user to narrow their news using a specific keyword and key term or term e.g. Stock Industry. 
• Weblog nourish, this is where each publish is described. This allows guests to easily identify your web page records they are interested in.

RSS for make monitoring different weblogs and details resources a uncomplicated process. To generate an RSS nourish all you need is the material or the content that you want to promote and a verified RSS written text data file. Once you have authorized your written text data file with the various aggregators, any exterior web page can then weblink to and display your RSS nourish. They will then be instantly modified every time something is added to your RSS data file. RSS resources are really useful for any web page that contributes to or adjusts their material regularly. They are often used for "web syndication" or when frequent up-dates and guides are needed.

• Item remember 
• Promotion 
• Software up-dates 
• Personal weblogs

There are quantity of advantages that come from using RSS for. Apart from being an excellent interaction method that can be designed to the needs of each individual industry, they also have amazing features for company. This is especially the case if the company is involved in online marketing. Using RSS for provide web customers with a cheap way of advertising which makes an advertising and marketing opportunity for their company.

RSS features for more effective online marketing

1. With RSS your company solutions can be shown on almost any exterior web page. This provides an excellent way to promote your brand and promote your solutions. 
2. Using RSS you can keep yourself regularly modified in areas concerning your company to stand above the game. Customers can also be advised of future special offers and product releases. 
3. Customized material enabling guests to customize the flow and type of details they wish to get. 
4. Increase and focus on guests using RSS by using content summaries to motivate visitors to follow the backlink to your web page.

The possibilities for increasing visitor count and for creating marketing techniques and sales possibilities are limitless using RSS.

A Difficult Information To RSS Aggregators

RSS or Really Easy Submitting formerly known as Rich Site Conclusion makes it possible for customers to create an structured record of information statements and regular up-dates from other online resources.

This is great for those that visit a lot of websites whose material is constantly changing such as information websites, medical websites, product support webpages and journal weblogs. As time pressure boundaries how long one can spend online it has become very important to get rid of the very boring task of regularly coming back to each website for modified material.

RSS quickly markets details from different websites to a wide variety of web customers. There are special applications that use RSS to resource blog and website up-dates planning the material for easy reading. It allows computer systems to instantly recover and study material customers are interested in, whist monitoring the changes to further customize the record.

The exclusively created applications called RSS aggregators were created to instantly find and recover the RSS for of websites previously selected by the individual by performing in a identical way to a web online browser. The distinction is that the aggregator is surfing around RSS for rather than websites. HTML provides details straight to customers and RSS instantly lets computer systems talk with one another.

While customers are active using internet explorer to browse the world wide web allowing them to fill and view each web page of interest, RSS aggregators keep track of website changes and up-dates.

So How Does It Work

The headline or information of an RSS supply are links themselves and can be used to fill the site required by the individual. RSS begins with an unique or resource website that has had its material created available by the websites website owner. The website makes an RSS papers and then signs up it with an RSS founder that allows other websites to distribute the records. The website also makes an RSS supply that is available along with all other resources and records on the particular web hosting server. The website will then sign-up the supply as an RSS papers, with a detailed listing of RSS marketers.

Usually an RSS supply is created up of website material that is detailed from latest to earliest. Each item includes an effective headline information, along with a survey and a link to the web site containing the material described.

In some instances the short information or headline is all the individual will want to study, a good example of this being the results of a sports event or stock exchange up-dates. This means that it is not even necessary to have a website associated with the material as sometimes the details the customers require is in the headline or the summary.

The RSS material is located in a file on a website in the same way to regular web pages; the major distinction is that the details is written in the XML value used by an RSS aggregator and not by a web online browser like a regular HTML website.

RSS syndication includes an coming resource and a receiving customer. The consumer part of the RSS posting accumulates and uses the RSS supply, this is usually done by a web online browser along with a pc aggregator system. Once the URL or resource of an RSS supply is known the individual can give the URL address to an aggregator system and have the RSS aggregator observe the RSS supply for changes. There are numerous aggregators available that have been preconfigured with the most popular details websites and these can be quickly tailored to a customer's choice with a few computer mouse button clicks of a computer mouse button.

What Is RSS? Or What Does That Lemon Mouth Thingy Do?

Do you know what the lemon mouth thingy is for?

It's an RSS supply key. And, amazingly many individuals haven't found what RSS is or does yet.

RSS appears for Really Easy Submitting, or in daily conditions, a "News Feed".

This indicates that there is no need to save your preferred sites, and no need to try of coming back to them consistently to see if there's any new details. All of this can be very time-consuming, in addition to complicated, particularly if you're trying to keep a record of several sites. We all know how frustrating it is to come back to a web page and find that we've skipped out through not verifying often enough, or more intense still, we continue studying the same web site because there's no new details as the website isn't modified consistently.

RSS takes away the need for all of this, and as its name indicates, Really Easy Submitting is really easy to use.

Firstly, you will need to get connected to an RSS birdfeeder. Many are connected to your e-mail consideration company, so you're already midway there. Type in "your e-mail provider" and "reader" into the google search engine, indication in to your consideration and link people to your consideration.

The when you're viewing your preferred website, simply simply click that lemon mouth thingy - the RSS supply key, and indication up to start get the newest up-dates. Usually you're sent to a one simply click web page which verifies that you want to subscribe and that's the job done.

Occasionally, you're instructed to a web page with value. Don't panic! Duplicate the URL of your preferred web page, go to your visitors home-page, simply simply select the add registration key and insert the URL into the box and validate.

All of the newest details is now sent to people, which functions as a objective made mailbox for everything sent from your preferred sites for you to study at your enjoyment.

When you visit people, the statements of all new up-dates will appear to the right of the website. If you want to study more, you simply simply select the title.

Now you have all of this details in one place, with the sites doing all of the work instead of you.

No more hours studying the internet for new details, no more form stuffing, and no more need to give out your current e-mail deal with, which in turn indicates a much less messy mailbox.

I'll bet you're grateful you found out what that RSS supply key (formerly known as the lemon mouth thingy) does!